Angela Schulz-Henke

Dipl. Social Worker, Solution Orientated Success Coaching

Your reality of life is the reflection of your thoughts . If you have fears and worries, it will occur exactly what you go not want or reach for.

Solution Orientated Success Coaching includes

  • Dissolving blockages
  • Dissolution of fears
  • Dissolution of scarcity thinking and feelings of inferiority
  • Solution-elaboration and achievement of objectives
  • Development of your potential for an active, happy and successful life.

I guarantee you great appreciation; respect of your needs, empathy and respect.

Solution Orientated Success Coaching works with new methods and the application of the Universal Laws and soon with the method of Cybernetic Transposition.

Success Orientated Business Coaching includes

  • Find your niche and make it successful
  • Adjust your niche when markets are changing
  • Effective marketing for your business
  • Learning of being successful
  • Success Killer No 1 - Fear and Worries

My Business Coaching is based on what I learned from OneCoach and Marketing from Michael Gerber and Chris Cardell.